Adato Media Offers Online Test Prep Courses

Adato Media offers students a range of Online Test Prep Courses that suit their needs or requirements. We specialize in online pre-college courses, and we provide solutions for students to get the best results.

Our courses not only prepare students for passing the tests but also allow students to learn how to identify their strengths and weaknesses and cope with change.

Adato Media offers online preparation programs for individual students and organizations.

All courses include visually attractive video lessons and practice tests. Customization options are available to reflect your organization’s unique message, policies, and procedures.

Main Features


We help learners evaluate their performance by offering multiple tests and quizzes. We include only types of test questions that are effective and “seduce” e-learners into taking the dreaded tests.

User-Focused Interface

We structured and sequenced learning experiences in a way that builds the students’ confidence and motivation. Everything from navigation to implementing particular instructional strategies helps students achieve their learning goals.

AI-driven technology: Artificial Intelligent technologies monitor overall activity and adjust the courses’ structure to improve students’ productivity, retention, and engagement. It’s a perfect tool for teachers or administrators for reducing administrative work because our system provides automatically all needed data.

Why Adato Media

  • Our content is co-developed by leading topic experts and agencies, so you know you can trust it.
  • We are tech-savvy and can fulfill all your very specific requirements.
  • We will help you to maximize learning, increase collaboration and retention, and improve the competitive edge of your organization.

We adhere to the principles that companies must conduct themselves by the highest integrity standards, need to be profitable endeavors,  become successful through the continual focus on customer success, and show transparent and measurable results.

Adato Media offers its online courses under their own names (independent branding).