Adato Media

Adato Media is a creator of online High School Equivalency prep courses. Our courses not only prepare students for passing the tests but also allow them to identify their strengths and weaknesses and cope with change.

All courses include visually attractive video lessons and practice tests.

Main Features


We help learners evaluate their performance by offering multiple tests and quizzes. We include only types of test questions that are effective and “seduce” e-learners into taking the dreaded tests.

User-Focused Interface

We’ve structured and sequenced the learning experiences in such a way that it builds the students’ confidence and motivation. Everything from the navigation to implementing particular instructional strategies helps students achieve their learning goals.

AI-driven technology: Artificial Intelligent technology monitors students’ overall activity and adjusts the courses’ structure to improve their productivity, retention, and engagement. This is a perfect tool for teachers or administrators for reducing administrative work because our system provides automatically all required data.