Our Approach and FAQ

Online operations are our domain, and our home is the Internet. All customers’ operations are performed in line with the highest safety standard, and your students must be treated accordingly. We continue to vigorously manage regulatory and compliance requirements while using the best and latest technologies and employing knowledgeable staff.


How many lessons are there and how long does it take to complete them?

There are approximately 400 videos with quizzes and practice tests. Some people will try to complete the course in 3 months, where others will take the course in their spare time and for them, it can take a year or more for completion.

Will students receive some sort of manual?

There are no printed manuals available as part of this online course. Everything is included in the lessons in the form of videos, transcripts, and quizzes.

Are there any tests in the course?

Yes, there are numerous tests to review key concepts and skill sets that you should have learned throughout the course. Keep in mind, this course was not designed to trap participants in “right or wrong” answers, but rather to reflect the user’s commitment to learning.

Are there certificates issued upon completion?

Yes, when a student completes the course, a certificate of completion is available.  Students will then have the ability to print out a customized certificate of completion reflecting their name and date of completion.

Can students retake the course after they’ve completed it?

Yes, students will continue to have access to the online course until their subscription period expires. Please note that you will be able to access the course again once you have completed it, however, you may have to “rewind” the course by using your back arrow or browsing to the table of contents button located at the bottom of each screen.

Is your courseware and e-learning content updated and current? 

Yes, we update our courses regularly to ensure that the lessons and the other content represent and reflect the latest requirements. Each year we release an updated version of our courses. Current clients may request customizations or alterations to meet new standards or legal requirements.

How long does it take to implement your courses?

Once all of the client’s needs have been defined, our development team starts to create an individualized learning platform specific to the client’s organization. Depending on the types of customizations, delivery of the e-learning course can take as little as 5 days, and as long as 3 weeks.

What about ongoing support? 

We provide ongoing technical support. Our standard procedure is to deliver a response within 24 hours.

Can your online course be customized?

Yes. Course customizations are common, as each client has specific needs and goals associated with their course. Our most popular customizations include:

  • branding of the learning console with your company’s logo
  • introduction of/from/about your organization
  • incorporation of your organization’s policies and procedures
  • addition or replacement of facts and figures
  • addition or replacement of Post-Assessment Test questions

What are your Exporting Capabilities?

Adato Media courses data can be exported records using CSV (Excel) format.